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Looking to Leasing a car in Cornwall ?. Smart Lease have some the the cheapest Cornwall car leasing offers in the UK, we supply to business and personal users and offer free delivery to any UK mainland destination. So if you are looking for great leasing deals in Cornwall you have come to the right place. We can supply and make and model of vehicle and have a good selection of special offers that are in stock.

Here at Smart Lease UK our aim is to offer the best Cornwall car leasing deals in the market place. We offer a hassle-free, no-fuss customer service that provides car leasing and contract hire to personal and business customers in the Cornwall area. The heart of our success is our approach to customer service with over 20 years of looking after customer’s needs. 

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So why not give us call or check out our specials on the website and see how much we can save you on your next lease car.

At Smart Lease we pride ourselves on offering some of the cheapest Cornwall car leasing deals. Please allow us to demonstrate our fantastic service to you, our competitive pricing and an opportunity to supply your next lease in Cornwall.

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Free UK Delivery on all Vehicles to Cornwall.

No Admin Fees or Other Cost

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Usually 14 days if in stock. For factory orders delivery depends on manufacturers current lead times for your chosen specification.

All vehicles are brand new with delivery free of charge and include car tax for the term of the lease.

Here at Smart Lease our aim is to offer the best Cornwall car leasing special offers in the market place. We offer a hassle-free, no-fuss service that provides personal leasing and business contract hire customers in the Cornwall area.

Smart Lease pride ourselves on offering simple vehicle leasing solutions to Cornwall.

Our customer cars are delivered daily throughout the UK, simply browse the range of car leasing deals we have on offer on our website, call or contact our helpful staff on 01604 497572

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If you would like to know more about car leasing in Cornwall please do not hesitate to call or email.


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Did You Know?

Cornwall is a county on England’s rugged southwestern tip. It forms a peninsula encompassing wild moorland and hundreds of sandy beaches, culminating at the promontory Land’s End. 

Penryn is perhaps one of the oldest towns in the Cornwall districts. It first was founded in 1216; later being incorporated in 1621 by King James I. Centuries ago, the small port town served as home and educational quarters for many priests in training.

The first TV broadcast was handled by a satellite at Goonhilly in Cornwall. It was the site of the first parabolic satellite antenna on earth. That disc, installed in 1962 and dubbed Arthur, was built to monitor Telstar. At one time the station was the largest of its kind on the planet with more than 60 such dishes.

Cornwall has been the backdrop for many TV and film productions, shows such as Poldark, Taboo, Doc Martin, Jamaica Inn and Wycliffe. All of these shows have used Cornwall’s exquisite landscapes to capture their viewer’s imaginations.

St Ives name comes from the arrive of Irish traveller Saint Ia, who came after Cornwall because part of a maritime trading network which saw trade between Ireland, England, France, Spain and Portugal. After founding the local parish church, St Ia was martyred by a Cornish ruler.

The Cornish language is closely related to the other Brythonic languages of Welsh and Breton, and less so to the Goidelic languages of Irish, Scots Gaelic, and Manx. The language continued to function visibly as a community language in parts of Cornwall until the late 18th century.

Newquay had its first settlers in the Iron Age, and signs of them are there in the form of a hill fort and industrial centre which exploited the abundance of resources and iron deposits. It is claimed the area was occupied from the 3 century BC to the 5 or 6 century AD. There are also prehistoric burial mounds in an area known as The Barrowfields in Cornwall.

The flag of Cornwall is Saint Piran’s Flag. The flag is attributed to Saint Piran. Saint Piran or Pyran (Cornish: Peran) was an early 6th-century Cornish abbot and saint, supposedly of Irish origin. He is the patron saint of tin-miners and is also generally regarded as the patron saint of Cornwall, although Saint Michael and Saint Petroc also have some claim to this title.

Bob Fitzsimmons is one of Cornwall's most famous residents. Born in 1863, he was the first man to be world middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight boxing champion. He retired in 1914 and died in Chicago three years later. Until 1999, he was the only British World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.

Cornwall boasts the largest collection of plant species found in the British Isles and the sea is teaming with life as well, on average a Cornish fisherman can catch over forty species of fish in our waters! Making our water sport activities the perfect place to spot dolphins, seals, sun fish and even basking sharks!

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