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Looking to Leasing a car in Dorset ?. Smart Lease have some the the cheapest Dorset car leasing offers in the UK, we supply to business and personal users and offer free delivery to any UK mainland destination. So if you are looking for great leasing deals in Dorset you have come to the right place. We can supply and make and model of vehicle and have a good selection of special offers that are in stock.

Here at Smart Lease UK our aim is to offer the best Dorset car leasing deals in the market place. We offer a hassle-free, no-fuss customer service that provides car leasing and contract hire to personal and business customers in the area. The heart of our success is our approach to customer service with over 20 years of looking after customer’s needs. 

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So why not give us call or check out our specials on the website and see how much we can save you on your next lease car.

At Smart Lease we pride ourselves on offering some of the cheapest Dorset car leasing deals. Please allow us to demonstrate our fantastic service to you, our competitive pricing and an opportunity to supply your next lease in Dorset.

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Free UK Delivery on all Vehicles to Dorset.

No Admin Fees or Other Cost


Usually 14 days if in stock. For factory orders delivery depends on manufacturers current lead times for your chosen specification.

All vehicles are brand new with delivery free of charge and include car tax for the term of the lease.

Here at Smart Lease our aim is to offer the best Dorset car leasing special offers in the market place. We offer a hassle-free, no-fuss service that provides personal leasing and business contract hire customers in the area.

Smart Lease pride ourselves on offering simple vehicle leasing solutions to Dorset.

Our customer cars are delivered daily throughout the UK, simply browse the range of car leasing deals we have on offer on our website, call or contact our helpful staff on 01604 497572

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If you would like to know more about car leasing in Dorset please do not hesitate to call or email us.


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Did You Know?

The Celtic translation for “Dorseteschire” apparently means “the place of fisticuffs”. We don’t know the meaning behind that, perhaps they were fond of a gentlemanly boxing match back in the day.

The Jurassic Dorset coast was the first-ever natural site to make the UNESCO World Heritage list in December 2001. This is partly due to the rich fossil findings in the area, where perfectly preserved fossils can be found in the rock formations.

The first ever fossil shop in Britain was opened in Lyme Regis in 1826; it was run by a woman named Mary Anning who is often mentioned in many stories as a well-respected fossil historian. 

Studland Bay in Dorset has the world’s largest seahorse-breeding colony in Great Britain and the beach was also the backdrop for Coldplay’s video of their hit song “Yellow”.

Many authors have been inspired by the hidden gems and beauty that can be found in Dorset, one of them being Enid Blyton. Supposedly she loved to spend time here as a child, and those fond childhood memories were the source of inspiration for her famous book “Five”.

Brownsea Island is a Dorset nature reserve, but is also acknowledged as the place that Scouting was started in 1907 by Lord Baden-Powell.

If you’re a fan of hot and spicy foods then you’ll certainly want to try one of the Dorset Naga chillis. Known as one of the world’s hottest chillis, the Naga rates 923,000 on the Scoville heat scale.

The oldest post box in England can be found on the streets of Holwell, a quaint village in Dorset and is still in use today. Having been first put into action back in 1853.

Sandbanks has, by area, the fourth highest land value in the world.

Badbury Rings dating back to 2200BC is believed to be one of the few settlements that belonged to the Durotridges – an ancient tribe who were amongst the first to live in Dorset

Maumbury Rings in Dorset is the remarkable site of a giant henge monument, which was built 4,500 years ago. When the Roman's arrived 2,000 years later they then developed the site further into a 10,000 seat amphitheatre.

Legend has it that the Villages of Puddletown and Briantspuddle in Dorset used to contain the word ‘piddle’ changed their village titles to avoid embarrassing Queen Victoria whilst she was visiting.

The further east you go along Chesil beach the larger the pebbles. In West Bay the shingle is the size of a pea but in Portland they are bigger than your fist. Legend has it that at night local smugglers could tell exactly where they were by the size of the pebbles.

Poole Harbour is the second largest natural harbour in the world, the largest is Sydney.

It is said that Bournemouth is the birthplace of the good old fashioned beach hut. By the 1960's they were so popular, you could rent one supplied with deckchairs for a fiver a week. Nowadays, anyone looking for their own perfect spot on the beach could be paying anywhere up to £90,000.

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In all cases Smart Lease are acting as a credit broker and not a lender.

Smart Lease is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority.

Consumer Credit Interim Permission is 648780.

All of our car leasing contracts are based on finance contracts and as such come with a few points to note. Firstly failure to keep up to date with payments may result in a charge from the finance provider. Secondly, cancellations may result in a fee being incurred. Thirdly, Initial Payments are typically taken just after you take delivery of the car (not is all cases) and is part of the finance rental (not refundable)

lease pricing is correct as of time of publication. We reserve the right to withdraw any offer, service or price without notice. Errors and omissions excepted.

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