You will find Smart Lease Mercedes CLC 160 car prices are some of the cheapest leasing rates throughout the UK.






Car Specification:

The CLC's equipment is impressive though and on the move it's comfortable and quiet. Cabin space is reasonable and the Mercedes-Benz badge on the bonnet is a big draw for many car buyers. Mercedes-Benz expects the CLC to appeal to younger buyers and it hopes that they will trade up to a larger car model when the time comes.

Wind and road noise are hushed, so the Mercedes-Benz is a very quiet place to be. The ride is also very comfortable as bumps and potholes are soaked up very well indeed.

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Car Leasing Offer Terms: Mercedes 5DR special offer is based on business contract hire or personal car leasing deals over 48 / 36 Months.
*Lease prices based on 10,000 Miles pa - Other miles available upon request up to 40,000 Miles pa.


Call : 01604 497572

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