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Kia Sportage One 1.7 CRDi

48 MONTHS ( 6+47 )

Business Lease £159.99Plus VAT

Personal Leasing £192.85Including VAT

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48 MONTHS ( 3+47 )

Company contract hire £169.99Plus VAT

Private lease offer £203.98Including VAT

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36 MONTHS ( 6+35 )

Business quote £185.35Plus VAT

Personal quote £222.42Including VAT

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36 MONTHS ( 3+35 )

Business £199.99


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Standard Specification

Kia Sportage 1

Kia Sportage One 1.7 CRDi

Kia Sportage Silver

The Sportage is living proof that first impressions last. This breath-taking urban-friendly and sleek Crossover is an exhilarating car. Ecologically aware, the Sportage delivers the style and performance to match our modern, hectic lifestyles.

A range of highly efficient engines are available including an all-new 1.7 CRDi diesel engine.  With 2WD, an intelligent Stop & Go system and a 6 speed manual transmission, this engine delivers up to 54.3 MPG on the Combined cycle and car CO2 emissions of just 135g/Km.

Kia Sportage Blue

Lease Car Offers Terms: Kia Sportage rates are based on contract hire or personal car leasing deals over 3 or 4 Years.

*Prices based on 5,000 Miles pa - Other miles available upon request up to 40,000 Miles.

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